2018 Coronado Canine Elections Nets $20,000

The town of Coronado Island in California has gone to the dogs. No really, it has gone to the dogs. And now the voters have elected their top dog- a mayor to be precise.

Every two years Coronado elects its Canine Mayor and 2018 is that year. After a season of campaigning searching for the perfect leader of the pack, the town has elected Gus Hall. Filling the vice-mayor position is Lacey.

Every other year, Coronado voters cast their votes for their candidate of choice for $1 each with funds all going to the PAWS of Coronado fund which helps with the extraordinary medical needs of the stray, abandoned and relinquished animals, both dog and cats, that come into the care of the Coronado Animal Care Facility. Without the support of PAWS, most of these special needs animals would have faced humane euthanasia. Instead, they are ALL in loving forever homes.

According to PAWS, the Canine Mayor Election is more fun than a “barrel of puppies”. When the campaign began, the candidates and their proud owners, strutted their stuff at meet and greets, mixers and Yappy Hours across the island culminating in an election that netted the PAWS organization over $20,000.

And now that the election is over, the new mayor and council will participate in several local events, including a starring role in the Fourth of July and Christmas parades and other PAWS and Coronado events.

Congratulations to these wonderful dogs, their owners and the supporters who cast votes and raised so
much to support to the PAWS organizations.

Visit https://pawsofcoronado.org/ for additional information, to donate and find out who's ready for their forever home.